Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I get locked out?
Call us!  If you ever get locked out of online banking, mobile banking, telephone banking, or MasterCard SecureCode, a Customer Service Representative at First State Bank of Wyoming will be able to unlock you or change your password.
Why can’t I use my debit card in another state?
        It can be one of two different reasons… 
1. Outside of Minnesota, North Dakota, or Wisconsin we have added a security feature that requires you to use your pin number at many retail, gas stations, and convenience stores. Select the “Debit” instead of “Credit” option at checkout and you will be prompted to enter your PIN number.
2. When travel occurs outside your normal pattern, our Fraud department may suspend your card.  Please notify us in advance of traveling to avoid any inconvenience.

Why isn’t my card working in MN?
        It can be one of two different reasons…
1. Every card has a daily dollar limit which goes from 2:30PM to 2:30PM.  Once you have reached the daily limit, transactions will be rejected.  For your convenience, we may be able to adjust the daily limits based on your usage.  We keep the limits as low possible to help with fraud mitigation.  Please call us prior to large purchases and we will be happy to make a temporary increase to your limit.
2.  In addition, the card system has a security feature in place that may block a purchase that is outside of your normal buying pattern.  Our fraud department may want to get in touch with you to ensure it is a purchase that you have authorized.  Please be sure to update us with new contact information in case we need to notify you of potential fraud.

Where can I get cash without a Fee?
We belong to a large network of FREE ATM’s.  Please visit for an ATM Locator.  Also, for your convenience, many retailers will give you cash back if you choose the “Debit” option at checkout.
Can I get free checks?
We offer free checks to customers 55 or older who have our Prime Time checking account.   If you qualify, just contact one of CSR’s and they can get your current checking account changed over to the Prime Time account.
Do I get a charge if I don’t use my savings account?
Yes, you will be charged a dormant fee if your account hasn’t been used for 6 months and your balance is below the $50.00 minimum.  All you have to do to avoid this fee is to periodically have transaction go in or out of your account or maintain the $50.00 minimum balance. 
How do I receive free online bill pay?
Several of our checking accounts offer FREE Online Bill Payment.  Ask a CSR today about our Go Green checking, Advantage Plus checking, or Primetime checking. 
Why am I getting charged for Bill payment?
If you enroll in bill pay and do not use it for 3 months, you will start receiving a $4.95/month charge.  To prevent this from happening, simply make sure you use it!  If at any point you decide you no longer want to be enrolled, simply give us a call and we will cancel your account.
Why is the password you sent not working for online banking?
Temporary passwords are only valid for two days.  The system requires you to reset this temporary password the first time you enter the site.   If yours has expired, just give us a call and we will give you a new one.
Is there a way to get a notice of what I have in my account?
Yes, if you have online banking there are alert settings on the left hand side under “Preferences.” You can choose to receive an email, call, or text message one time or every time an alert criterion has been met. You can set the alerts by transaction, balance or date.  In addition, there are several security alerts to choose from.