Consumer Alerts

Why isn't my debit card working?

We have implemented new rules in regards to debit card transactions occurring outside of Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.  We know there are other merchants affected, or infected by the same malware that was used in the Target data loss.  Because we have not yet been notified which debit cards might be compromised, our debit cards will now require customers to use a PIN in order to complete purchases at some retail stores, including: grocery, discount, and drug stores that are located outside of our area.  You will do this by selecting the DEBIT option instead of CREDIT when making a purchase.  Please review your statements carefully and if you see any out-of-state activity that was not authorized by you, contact us at 651-462-7611.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but feel these steps are necessary in order to prevent any further fraud.

Best Practices for Online Banking

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Other FDIC Resources for Consumers

The FDIC has several publications and tools to help individuals and businesses with financial consumer issues.  These are available year-round at  Each day, criminals find new ways to steal personal information and commit identity fraud.  No matter how careful you are, there's still a chance you could become their next victim.  The following are links to some helpful articles published by the FDIC: